Lies, half-truths, and other tall tales...

Most everyone that has received Botox from a qualified experienced doctor or nurse loves their results. Botox is one of the most popular treatments for numerous reasons, most of all it can take years off your face. But there are still a few, not so accurate, beliefs about what it does and doesn’t do, and who are the best candidates for use. Only you and your provider of choice know if Botox is a good idea for you – but before you get to that step, we can help dispel some of the tall tales out there. Here are a few!

*Tall Tale - Botox is used specifically in the cosmetic industry for wrinkles

truth – As early as 1980 Botox was used to treat uncontrollable blinking and crossed eyes. Botox has been used to effectively treat asthma, muscle pain disorder, muscle spasming and sweating. Most recently, Botox has been used to successfully treat migraine headaches and excessive sweating.

*Tall Tale – Botox will travel through your body, infecting everything

truth – Botox is intended to have a very localized diffusion of about a centimeter and doesn’t move much more.  In other words, you are not going to have Botox in your forehead and find it in your toes.

*Tall Tale  – If you stop getting Botox, it will make your wrinkles worse

truth – Nope.  They will just go back to the way they were before.  If you decide to stop having Botox treatments, you will slowly lose the relaxing effect of Botox and will resume the normal development of wrinkles with movement.  Botox will not make wrinkles worse! 

*Tall Tale – Botox injections will cause irreparable damage to my facial tissue and muscles

truth – When Botox is injected, it relaxes the facial muscles by blocking nerve impulses.  It effectively reduces muscle activity that causes lines and eventually wrinkles.  Botox injections limit muscle activity, but do not cause damage or cause complete paralysis to the area injected.

*Tall Tale – Botox is addictive

truth – There are no addictive properties to the ingredient in a Botox injection. It has no potential to make a person physically addicted to the drug.  For medical conditions, people rely on Botox to ease symptoms the same as any prescription medicine.  People may become dependent on the cosmetic results of Botox which would be more about a person’s focus on their appearance than it is about Botox itself.

*Tall Tale – Botox is Botulism

truth – While Botox is derived from botulinum, it’s an isolated segment of the bacterial (onabotulinumtoxiA). It is actually the protein derivative that is used in manufacturing the cosmetic Botox.  Patients do not have to worry about the potential of botulism.

*Tall Tale – Botox is permanent

truth – Botox is not permanent, and that is the way it should be.  It typically last for 3 months, but can appear to last for 6-12 months because patients get used to not furrowing their brows.

*Tall Tale – Botox is for women only

truth – More and more men are getting Botox each year.  Wrinkles can sometimes make men (and women) appear angry, not to mention older. Getting Botox can help soften this look to give a more approachable appearance.   Did I just hear someone say “Bro-tox”…

*Tall Tale– The best time for Botox is when the lines appear

truth– If you can get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run.   Waiting until lines become etched into the skin means it is much more difficult to smooth their appearance.  By not making certain expressions in the future, or making them less often, you may actually need less Botox and/or need it less often.

Me, I personally get Botox and love it! The providers - Dr Bonness, Beth and Allison all have a conservative approach when it comes to the injectables and we pride ourselves on you looking your best without looking like something out of a storybook.  I hope I have been able to put your mind at ease and you will consider Botox.  Please call 262.782.7021 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Botox, we would love to hear from you! 


Your aesthetician,
Carol Myers


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