Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) in Brookfield, WI

Are you noticing the signs of aging but aren’t sure if injectable treatments are right for you? Are you looking for a natural alternative that can help you achieve younger-looking, healthier skin? At Bonness Cosmetic Clinic & Medi Spa, our Brookfield PRP and PRF Treatments provide a non-invasive solution that uses the powerful growth factors found in your own blood to jumpstart the collagen stimulation process. Schedule a consultation with our highly trained, advanced Aestheticians and Nurse Injectors to learn about how we can treat the visible effects of aging with these “liquid gold” treatments.

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a part of the blood that is high in growth factors and platelets. When extracted from the blood and applied to the skin, it releases enzymes that help heal the damaged area, inducing collagen production, and jumpstarting natural processes that slow with age. This translates to a tightening effect on the skin, revealing a healthier and younger-looking complexion.

PRP is used in combination with micro-needling, RF Microneedling, or Moxi Laser treatments. Before treatment begins, a blood sample is taken from your arm and placed into a specialized centrifuge machine, forming a concentration of PRP that is then applied to the skin during treatment. The growth factors and platelets work to speed up the wound healing process from the micro-injuries created with micro-needling, effectively regenerating the skin.

PRP Injection

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)?

PRF, or Platelet Rich Fibrin, is a part of the blood that is high in growth factors, platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, and fibrin. When extracted from the blood and injected into the skin it stimulates, regenerates, and repairs the natural production of collagen at a cellular level, returning natural plumpness to the skin. This translates to natural, youthful-looking and behaving skin.

PRF can be used in combination with the same treatments at PRP; however, because PRF contains fibrin whereas PRP does not, it is often injected directly into the skin. The fibrin helps keep the injected growth factors in place to ensure they are used directly where they are injected. Before treatment begins, a blood sample is taken from your arm and placed into a specialized centrifuge machine (spun more slowly than PRP), forming a concentration of PRF that is then injected into areas of the skin prone to aging such as under eyes and nasolabial folds. It’s important to note that PRF is not a replacement for dermal fillers in areas where significant volume is needed to achieve desired results such as cheeks, chin, lips, and temples.

Unlike injectables which provide an instant dose of volume, PRF injections stimulate natural collagen production over time. The initial results can take 6 weeks to become noticeable with full results visible after 4 months. While it may seem like a long time to wait, the results are incredibly safe and natural—perfect for anyone who doesn’t want synthetic dermal fillers or who is not a suitable candidate.

What are the Benefits of PRP and PRF?

Safe and Natural Alternative

Since both PRP and PRF use components of your own blood there is no risk of rejection from the body. While PRP is a great add-on to other non-invasive treatments, PRF can actually take the place of synthetic dermal fillers in some use cases.

Dramatic increase in collagen

As you age your body's natural collagen production declines significantly and continues to decline for the rest of your life. Both PRP and PRF dramatically jumpstart your body's collagen production, producing results that continue to improve with time.

Wide range of use

Both PRP and PRF can be used anywhere on the face, neck, or body and are considered miracle workers for an incredibly wide range of aesthetic concerns.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP or PRF?

One of the best things about PRP and PRF is that almost everyone is a great candidate! Because they both use the patient’s own blood there is no risk of rejection or allergic reactions. The ideal candidate for PRP or PRF would be patients seeking preventative aging, fine line and wrinkle reduction, overall skin texture improvement, and natural- looking volume increase.

What Can PRP and PRF be Used to Treat?

Dark Under Eye Circles

PRF injections under the eye can improve dark pigmentation as well as firmness, texture, and thickness without puffiness or fluid retention.

Nasolabial Folds

PRF injections around the mouth can add volume and decrease the appearance of folds to treat smile lines, marionette lines, and upper lip lines.

Acne Scars & Texture

PRP applied to the skin post microneedling, RF Microneedling, or Moxi Laser can improve acne scarring and overall skin texture.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

PRP applied to the skin or PRF injected into the skin stimulates collagen production at a cellular level to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Platelet Rich Plasma & Platelet Rich Fibrin FAQs

Our Brookfield med spa specialists are here to give you answers to your PRP and PRF questions. Browse below or get in touch for more information on the procedure.

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What is the Difference Between PRP and PRF?

What to Expect Post Treatment?

How Many Sessions of PRP or PRF Do I Need?

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