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The future of beauty and aesthetics—regenerative therapies—is now available at Bonness! Do you want to take a proactive approach to aging and promote skin health from within? Are you looking for natural results that allow you to enjoy a youthful, ageless appearance for years to come? At Bonness Cosmetic Clinic & Medi Spa, our Brookfield Regenerative Aesthetics Treatments provide breakthrough biotech cell-based therapies that stimulate your own tissue to be healthier, plumper, and produce more collagen for the most advanced skin rejuvenation possible. Schedule a consultation with our highly trained, advanced Nurse Injectors and Aestheticians to learn which combination and cell-based therapies are best for you.

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What is Regenerative Aesthetics?

Regenerative Aesthetics is a new branch of Medical Aesthetics that utilizes regenerative medicine techniques and applies them to aesthetic or cosmetic treatments. The goal of regenerative medicine is to stimulate a patient’s own tissue and cells to repair, restore, and rejuvenate damaged or aging cells and return them to normal functioning while preserving that improved functioning indefinitely. Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments aim to recreate youth using the body’s natural healing and regenerating properties—promoting skin health FROM WITHIN! Rather than using treatments and products that temporarily provide the appearance of youth, Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments reverse the skin’s aging process at a cellular level, achieving a more healthy and youthful appearance.

What are the Benefits of Regenerative Aesthetics?

Natural Results

Since Regenerative Aesthetics uses combination treatments and cell-based therapies to stimulate your own tissues and cells to repair, restore, and rejuvenate, the results from these treatments are incredibly natural and continue to improve over time. There is no risk of an overfilled or unnatural-looking appearance with these cell-based therapies!

Promotes Skin Health From Within

With Regenerative Aesthetics we are stimulating your own tissue to be healthier and produce more collagen—many of the treatments even use components of your own blood and cells, ensuring there is no risk of rejection from the body. Enjoy a youthful, ageless appearance indefinitely as these treatments stimulate YOUR OWN CELLS to return to normal functioning and preserve that functioning for years to come!

The Future of Beauty & Aesthetics

The advantage of Regenerative Aesthetics is that it is a shift toward long-term solutions for aging and preserving beauty. Rather than focusing on immediate, short-term changes in their aging appearance, more and more patients are taking a proactive approach and concentrating on the long-term effects and benefits of treatments—making Regenerative Aesthetics the future of beauty and aesthetics!

Good Candidate for Regenerative Aesthetics

Am I a Good Candidate for Regenerative Aesthetics?

While these treatments are generally safe and effective, not everyone is a candidate. Our team at Bonness will assess your individual concerns and medical history to determine the best treatment plan for you. The ideal candidate for Regenerative Aesthetics would be patients seeking a natural, youthful appearance with the latest cutting-edge technology in cell-based therapies!

What Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments Do We Offer?



Exosomes are tiny nanoparticles made by our cells and are responsible for the cell-to-cell communication that increases collagen, hair growth, and stimulates overall skin rejuvenation. Here at Bonness we offer pure, concentrated products from the largest exosome biotech companies. Exosomes can be applied to the skin after Microneedling, RF Microneedling, MOXI Laser, or Chemical Peels to increase collagen production and promote faster skin healing.



PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a part of the blood high in growth factors and platelets. When extracted from the blood and applied to the skin, it releases enzymes that help heal the damaged area, inducing collagen production and jumpstarting natural processes that slow with age. This translates to a tightening effect on the skin, revealing a healthier and younger-looking complexion. PRP is combined with microneedling, RF Microneedling, and Moxi Laser treatments.



I-PRF, or injectable platelet-rich fibrin, is a second-generation PRP created from your own blood high in growth factors, platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, and fibrin. When extracted from the skin, packed into a liquid, and then injected into the skin, it stimulates, regenerates, and repairs the natural production of collagen at a cellular level, returning natural plumpness to the skin. I-PRF is best used for under-eye rejuvenation.



PRF Gel, or platelet-rich fibrin, also known as Biofiller, is a third-generation PRP created from your own blood high in growth factors, platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, and fibrin. When extracted from the skin, packed into a gel, and injected into the skin, it provides natural-looking modest volume, ongoing growth factor release, and collagen stimulation to continually rejuvenate your skin and natural fat pockets over the coming months. PRF gel or Biofiller can be used on all areas of the face and hands.



BBL Forever Young is changing the way we age—or don’t! Your DNA and environmental factors determine how you age, and as we age, the genes in our cells express themselves differently than when we were younger. The energy delivered during a BBL treatment stimulates skin cells and fibroblasts to produce proteins, building blocks, and collagen much faster, similar to when you were younger—making BBL one of the most effective and long-lasting regenerative treatments on the market!


Microfat Injections target two aspects of skin rejuvenation: long-lasting volume and rejuvenation of overlying skin. One of the largest growth factor powerhouse and stem cell concentrations is in the fat underneath the skin. Removing excess fat, purifying the fat cells, extracting the stem cells and growth factors, and injecting them into the hands and face creates a natural, soft volume with continuous growth factor release and collagen stimulation in your skin. There is no overfilled look, and the results are incredibly soft and beautiful!

Regenerative Aesthetics Products

Regenerative Aesthetics FAQs

Our Brookfield med spa specialists are here to give you answers to your PRP and PRF questions. Browse below or get in touch for more information on the procedure.

Are Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments Safe?

What to Expect Post-Treatment?

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What Treatments Pair Well With Regenerative Aesthetics?

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At Bonness Cosmetic Surgery & Medi Spa, our Regenerative Aesthetic treatments are performed by highly trained, advanced Nurse Injectors and Aestheticians under the direct, hands-on supervision of Dr. Bonness. You can trust our team of skin experts to provide the utmost best and safe care during your Regenerative Aesthetic treatment. If you want to enjoy a youthful, ageless appearance for years to come with Regenerative Aesthetics, call our office at 262-505-6622 to book a consultation today!

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