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Facelift procedures for a more youthful appearance

As we age, we naturally lose volume in our face causing sagging in areas like the eyes, cheeks, brows and forehead. Dr. Bonness addresses these natural conditions with various facelift procedures at her Brookfield cosmetic surgery spa. As one of Wisconsin’s best plastic surgeons, and a woman who understands the biology behind facial development, Dr. Bonness combats signs of aging to give you a more youthful appearance and restored confidence.

Men and women who undergo these procedures must be in good physical and psychological health, as well as have realistic expectations. Get in touch for an initial consultation to discuss procedures tailored to you, or read more on how we operate here.

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Facelift Surgery: Rhytidectomy

A facelift or rhytidectomy, will address the loose hanging skin of the midface, jawline and neck.  The amount of loose hanging skin and facial aging will determine the extent of the incisions.

In patients with minimal sagging of the jowls and neck, shorter incisions limited to under the side burn and in front of the ear are needed - a short scar or mini facelift. As the amount of loose skin increases, the incisions are extended to behind the ear and into the hair. In both procedures, Dr. Bonness lifts the skin, tightens the underlying muscle, and gently repositions and elevates the skin to a more youthful position. Fat grafting is then performed to add more volume to the cheek, under eye area and around the mouth. 

Patients may anticipate a refreshed look with a natural-looking outcome.

Facelift surgery recovery process

The facelift is an outpatient procedure performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. This procedure is a meticulous operation and takes 4-6 hours.

Immediately after surgery you are walking around doing light activity. The following day you are seen in the office to remove the bulky dressing and drains. A facelift is not a painful surgery but there is some swelling and bruising. Social downtime is 1-3 weeks depending on your job. You'll see improved results 4 weeks (or more) post surgery.

Medications and scar treatments will ensure you achieve beautiful results you will love. Dr. Bonness, one of the best female plastic surgeons in Wisconsin, will direct you to the appropriate recovery plan, customized for your needs and lifestyle

Benefits of facelift surgery

Our Brookfield cosmetic surgeons create a better you, drastically improving your look and overall attractiveness. Tired of looking tired? Change your life for the better and gain a new self-confidence you never knew you had. 

Benefits of having a rhytidectomy procedure include: 

  • A more refreshed and attractive appearance
  • Better self-confidence
  • Tighter facial skin
  • Less tired appearance
  • Fuller, more youthful face

Brow/Forehead lift procedure

A facelift is performed to correct sagging skin of the mid-face, neck and along the jawline. But many patients also have loose skin on the upper face resulting in a sagging brow and extremely tired appearance. A browlift, also called a forehead lift, is done to correct the sagging of the brow and deep lines on the forehead and between the eyes.

The browlift incision is hidden in the hairline, the skin and muscle are elevated and the excess skin removed. The brow and forehead skin are gently pulled to a more youthful position. Browlifts can dramatically refresh your appearance. Our cosmetic surgery and spa offers brow and forehead lifts, minimizing the wrinkles on your forehead and between the eyes. With Dr. Bonness, you will look and feel your best every day.

What to expect with your browlift recovery

After your brow lift procedure, a light dressing is applied to help with swelling and bruising. Drains are not routinely used for a browlift. Light normal activity can be resumed immediately and strenuous physical activity in 3 weeks.

Our Wisconsin medical spa provides top-grade facial rejuvenation services, guaranteeing stunning results for our clients. Make the best of your life and live it the way you want it.

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Nonsurgical face lift treatments

Complete facial rejuvenation will include both surgical and nonsurgical modalities Gain more confidence with our popular facial rejuvenation services for your best skin yet. Our nonsurgical options include:

Dr. Bonness continuously strives for fabulous results. Her reputation is unmatched in the state.Trust our Brookfield medical spa for beautiful results every time.

SkinMedica products for rejuvenated skin

A professional facelift turns back the clock on your appearance and improves the overall look with a major confidence-boost. Though a facelift yields more rapid results, SkinMedica provides facial products that fight the first signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of moisture. Our Waukesha cosmetic surgeon offers SkinMedica moisturizers, brighteners, retinols, and more.

Physician-Grade Skincare

Our Wisconsin Medi Spa provides a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures to improve your skin and body, including:

Medical Spa

Dr. Bonness offers a variety of laser systems and injections to meet our patient needs. Some of our treatments include:

Cosmetic Surgery

At our Milwaukee area Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a variety of plastic surgery options. Our most popular treatments include: