Our Newest Treatment

Viva means "To Live" while Viva Skin Resurfacing Treatment means "To Live with Beautiful Skin"!

The new Venus Viva, what is it?

Bonness Cosmetic Surgery & Spa brought on a brand new treatment called the “Venus Viva”, so what is it, and what could it do for you?

The Viva is state of the art nano-radio fractional frequency (technical term, I know) so let's break that down! This treatment has a small hand piece that comes with disposable tips, these tips attach to the front of the hand piece and contain fine needle-shaped pins. These tiny pins safely deliver heat through the skin’s surface. When this heat is delivered through the skin’s surface it causes a micro injury to the dermal layers of the skin. The body then repairs this damage on its own which in return repairs signs of damage by stimulating our body’s fibroblasts and collagen. 

So why does this treatment do versus the typical aggressive resurfacing laser?

Other treatments typically remove the uppermost layer of skin, which results in several weeks of downtime and quite a bit of discomfort. The Viva, however, removes small columns of skin. This causes less downtime and discomfort and in return providing the same results! Those who have undergone this treatment report very little discomfort during their treatment. 

Who is the correct candidate for the Viva?

Everyone! This treatment is great for all skin types, however, we see some of the best results with patients that are concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, irregular skin tone, texture, and acne scars. 

This treatment is truly amazing and we are so excited to offer it to our patients!

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