Retinols – done right

We all want to look and feel great. Inevitability, hopefully, we will all grow “old,” but I want to do whatever I can to look my best while doing it. I continue to preach to my kids, now 19, 21, 23 and 26 (yikes), and really anyone who will listen, about quality physician grade skin care and being sun smart. I always recommend sun screen. If you use nothing else, use a sunscreen.

But, one of the best products anyone can use to stave off “father time” is a retinol.

I hear and read—from both dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike—that retinol use as an anti-ager is a must.  Retinols lessen the appearance of wrinkles, bolster the skin’s thickness and elasticity, slow the breakdown of collagen, and even lighten brown spots caused by sun damage. Retinols also promote cell turnover, leaving your skin’s surface ready to receive your products’ active ingredients, allowing for better penetration. I call a retinol your skin’s very own “personal trainer.”

Retinols have come a long way in both performance and tolerance. Today’s retinols are formulated in such a way that they are less harsh to the epidermis. Definitely easier to use that ever before.

 Another exciting fact is a retinol product may be targeted to a particular skin issue.

So, for me this is thrilling stuff, but for my patients this is brilliant!!

PCAskin is a favorite skincare line offered at Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa. Particularly, PCA’s five retinols. These five unique retinol formulations pair retinol with support ingredients to target five challenging skin concerns: acne, aging, discoloration, sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation. PCA even has a formula for rosacea sufferers!!

Some people shy away from retinols, stating they “dry and irritate their skin.” But if introduced slowly and used properly, they are one the absolute best skin care products you can use. If you have tried them in the past or perhaps have been afraid to, please give PCA’s retinols a shot.

PCA retinols are top notch; time released over 10 hours for superior results and less irritation AND are tailored for your specific skin care needs.

Don’t hesitate to stop in our clinic, contact us for a consultation, or email me directly at to allow me to select the best retinol for your skin and answer any questions you may have.


Your skin, your life, love it!!

Your aesthetician,

Carol Myers