Antioxidants, the Skin Care Superhero!

Think outside of the box with me for a moment... Picture a small, but destructive, lively foreign object bouncing around your living room.

Boom! It bounces off the TV, cracking the screen.

Boom! It knocks over a lamp, which crashes to the floor.

Boom! Your artwork is targeted and destroyed.

Boom! Your dog yelps and runs for cover under your bed.

You pick up the phone and call for help. Help arrives and the “bad guy” is tackled. Whew!

You’re thinking, "What in the world is she talking about?"

I am talking about harmful free radicals and how to stop the damage they cause your skin. Free radicals, (aka, the bad guys) bounce around, attacking your skin, causing all manners of unhealthy trouble. To name a few, they cause brown spots, weakened capillaries, cause fine lines and wrinkles, collagen loss, plain dull looking skin and cancer. Eeek!

What can one do? Enter antioxidants, the skin care superhero!

I am sure you’ve heard of how healthy a diet rich in antioxidants can be. The same holds true for your skin. Your skin will fare well by an antioxidant rich diet, but even better when a topical antioxidant is applied.

Research shows using a topical antioxidant can be extremely effective in preventing premature aging. Sign me up, right! Antioxidants for your skin are usually in the form of a vitamin C. Daily use of a topical vitamin C will penetrate the epidermis and pair up with a free radical thereby neutralizing the “bad guy.”

Antioxidants are beneficial in many ways: They lighten hyperpigmentation (brown spots), soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve the tone and texture of your skin. However, an antioxidant's main job is neutralizing the free radicals and stopping the damage in its tracks. Vitamin C is truly a superhero, defending your skin against the bad guys. 

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