Buyer Beware.

When it comes to counterfeit goods, it is difficult to tell the authentic from the fake. Consumer Reports says “we are bombarded with knockoffs of iconic American brands as well as respected international products.”

I love my skin care products and have used physician grade products since my early thirties. I know they have saved my skin (particularly sunscreen) and they are the main reason my skin looks like it does today! I consider skin care an investment in the health of both my skin and well-being. 

However, skin care products are not necessarily cheap and bargains can be found on the internet very easily. Know that not all products are created equal and may be counterfeit. What is even worse - some products may be harmful.

In January 2014, the FBI released a warning: “Counterfeit skin care products were in the top five counterfeit items seized by U.S. Customs. The volume of all sorts of counterfeit cosmetics and fragrances coming into the U.S. is definitely on the rise.”

Old bottles may be filled with a different serum. The products may be expired, diluted, or contaminated. YUCK! Surprisingly, this applies to prescription creams as well as medical grade skin care products. The counterfeiters are very sneaky and the packaging may look similar to the original, but the active ingredient is missing or the dose is diluted or incorrect. The product may have been stored in a hot or cold warehouse where extreme temperatures will degrade ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, rendering them worthless. The lack of a climate-controlled environment may result in a haven for bacteria to thrive. Counterfeit cosmetics and skin care have been found by federal agencies to “contain hazardous substances including cyanide, arsenic, mercury, lead, urine, and rat droppings.” OMG!

What should be done to safeguard against purchasing bogus or harmful products?

Purchase your products ONLY from authorized, trusted retailers. Skin care companies list approved merchants on their websites. Most skin care companies will not guarantee product quality or safety if not purchased through authorized retailers. Just because it is on Amazon or Walmart does NOT translate to an authorized retailer where the skin care company is concerned. Those sites have been a harbor for counterfeit products of all kinds!!

Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa stands behind the products we offer 100%. We offer high end skincare brands, including:

  • SkinMedica
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  • Zo Skin Health
  • And more

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Remember, your skin, your life, love it!


Your aesthetician,

Carol Myers