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Breast Lift

Breast Lift Brookfield

Breast lift surgery (Mastopexy) is designed to elevate the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall, remove excess skin and reposition the nipple. Compare breast lift and breast augmentation to find your best option.


The extent of breast sagging will determine the extent of the incisions needed. Patients with relatively small breasts and minimal sagging require fewer incisions, limited to around the areola (Benelli, doughnut, orconcentric Mastopexy) or around the areola and down vertically. As the severity of the sagging increases more incisions are required to lift the breasts.

Incisions for breast lift surgery are made around the areola, vertically from the areola to the breast crease, and then horizontally along the lower crease. The most beneficial technique can be determined by Dr. Bonness.

  • Is Mastopexy Right for You?
  • Benefits of a Breast Lift
  • Recovery Process
  • Breast Surgical Risks
  • Financing Options

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Making the Right Decision for You & Your Body

Debating whether the procedure is right for you is no small matter. Before making the final decision, schedule a consultation with the mastopexy professionals at Dr. Bonness Cosmetic Surgery & Spa. They will always guide you on the right path and determine the best possible solution.

Not everyone’s body is right for a breast lift procedure. There are several factors that must be considered, since this procedure could possibly affect your health long-term.

We advise not to have a breast lift if you are:  

  • Under the age of 18
  • Breastfeeding
  • Poor in health
  • Diagnosed with breast cancer, breast cellulitis, etc.

Some patients have combined a breast reduction with this procedure if they would like to decrease the size of their breasts or breast implants if they desire larger, fuller breasts.


One limitation of a breast lift is that is difficult to maintain fullness on the top of the breast. A breast lift doesn't increase the size, it only gives the appearance of fuller breasts. If patients desire a very full, round breast, a breast implant may be required.


Breast Lift Gives You a Boost of Confidence

The benefits of having breast lift surgery include physical and emotional factors, all funneling down to your self-esteem and confidence. Make the best of your appearance and live life the way you want.

  • Bring back your femininity: more curves, youthful look, etc.
  • Improve the way you look and feel after pregnancy
  • Reshape your body after significant weight-loss
  • Gain back your self-esteem and confidence

Recovering from Breast Lift Milwaukee

Breast Lifts and Breast Reductions are well tolerated by patients. The recovery is much less than with other plastic surgery procedures that are performed because no work is done on the underlying muscle.

You will experience some pain, swelling, and bruising during your recovery. In addition, limited movement should be expected in order to allow the breasts to adjust to their new shape and size. Normal activity can be resumed by 3 weeks.

Results for both breast lift and breast reduction procedures are immediate but will only improve as time passes. Your scars will fade over the next year and may become pencil thin when properly cared for throughout the recovery period.


Breast Surgery Risks Madison

Although rare, patients must be aware there are some risks when undergoing breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation, infections, and thick scars may result from the procedures. However, following all instructions before and after your surgery can greatly reduce these risks and side effects.

For more information about breast lift procedures contact Dr. Bonness to schedule an initial consultation.

Convenient Financing Program for Cosmetic Procedures

Bonness’ Cosmetic Surgery & Spa provides the best results in breast lift, augmentation, and reduction procedures. We want clients to look and feel better on the inside and out. Why not offer even better cosmetic financing services?

We’ve teamed up with CareCredit; a personal line of credit for procedures and healthcare treatments. CareCredit works with all types of budgets and payment plans.

Dr. Bonness offers specials for those with CareCredit, including:

Interest-free for 6 months on $200+ services/treatments

Interest-free for 12 months on $7,500+ procedure costs

Along with our breast medical procedures, our financing program covers tummy tucks, liposuction, cellulite treatments, and many more. Schedule a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bonness. Don’t let financial setbacks hold you from enjoying life the way you want.

For safe cosmetic surgeries and professional laser skin treatments, trust Dr. Bonness, your board certified, experienced and comprehensive Plastic Surgeon in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
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