Breast Reduction Milwaukee Patient Transformation

Breast Augmentation Milwaukee Patient Achieves Remarkable Results After Breast Reduction Surgery

This breast reduction Milwaukee patient was dissatisfied with the way her large breasts sagged and separated. She also felt the size and shape of her breasts made her overall figure appear larger. Ready to make a change, this patient sought out the best plastic surgeon in Milwaukee and immediately came across Dr. Bonness’ website. After viewing our gallery of impressive breast augmentation transformations, the patient decided to fill out a free consultation request on our website.

When the patient and Dr. Bonness met they discussed the patient’s desired results, including size, shape and placement.  It was determined the best course of action to provide the patient with the desired results was to perform a combination breast reduction and breast lift. Once the patient’s goals and procedural information were fully discussed, the patient felt comfortable, confident and prepared for her breast augmentation surgery. After surgery this breast augmentation Milwaukee patient was in awe of the results. Her breasts were proportional to her overall figure, the breast separation was dramatically reduced and the patient’s breasts were much perkier.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic back pain, general discomfort or you just want the size of your breasts to be proportionate to your figure, turn to one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Milwaukee, Dr. Bonness. You don’t have to compromise your quality of life due to large, heavy or sagging breasts. With a natural looking breast augmentation from one of the best board certified female plastic surgeons in Milwaukee, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing you’re being taken care of by one of the most highly skilled breast surgeons in Wisconsin.

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