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Breast Augmentation Milwaukee Women Trust

Breast Augmentation Milwaukee Women Trust

Milwaukee Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Restores Body Confidence

This patient was interested in changing the size and shape of her breasts to fit her body type, leading her to schedule a visit with Dr. Bonness. After an informative consultation, Dr. Bonness suggested a Milwaukee breast implants procedure to fill, shape and lift the patient’s breasts. The use of silicone implants provided the natural and full look the patient desired. After the Milwaukee breast augmentation, this patient was much more comfortable with her body image. She felt the larger, fuller breasts fit her body type much more naturally. This Wisconsin breast augmentation drastically increased the patient’s comfort and confidence.

Patients come to Dr. Bonness’ Brookfield medical spa for the best cosmetic surgery Wisconsin has to offer. As a board certified Milwaukee plastic surgeon, Dr. Bonness is capable of providing a wide range of services including tummy tucks, liposuction and the breast lifts Milwaukee women trust for incredible results. Our cosmetic surgery spa Milwaukee area staff is dedicated to educating patients and making them feel great about themselves. When you are looking to improve your body confidence through cosmetic surgery, visit the professionals at Dr. Bonness’ Brookfield medical spa.

Contact our cosmetic surgery Milwaukee specialists today for your Wisconsin breast augmentation consultation.
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