Wash Your Face

A woman follows a strict skincare routine to keep her face fresh and youthful.Wash your Face!!!

In the morning with cleanser

A lot of patient’s have told me through the years how they don’t understand the point of washing their face in the morning because their skin is already clean from washing the night before. It’s certainly a valid assumption, but cleansing your skin in the morning is truly important. Also, patients have told me that they just use water on their face in the morning to cleanse; in my opinion this is not sufficient.

Why is it so essential to cleanse your skin in the morning?? While you sleep at night, your skin is in repair mode and thereby secretes toxins and sebum (oil). By cleansing your skin with a cleanser in the morning, you are removing both the toxins and the oil. In addition you’re also removing the residue from your night time skin care products. The evening products that are on your skin often times contain ingredients that are suitable only for night, not the day, such as acids and retinol. These should be cleansed from the skin to avoid any reactions or potential irritation.

By cleansing in the morning, you are preparing your skin to start the day. Applying your AM skin care regime on a clean palette makes nothing but perfect sense!

In the evening with cleanser

Unwittingly, we are touching our face all day long making our face one of the dirtiest parts on our body. Cosmetics can also trap skin-damaging free radicals that float in the air against your skin. Also, cleansing the skin helps to avoid the spread of acne bacteria that can cause increased blemishes.

While we sleep, our skin is at rest allowing regeneration to occur. By removing the day’s dirt, makeup and oils we know that our skin can do its best job at repairing itself. The application of our anti-aging products will perform at their highest when used on clean skin.

If that isn’t enough reason, one more thought, moisturizers evaporate when on the skin all day, so washing your skin and applying a medical grade moisturizer at night ensures your skin will stay moist and hydrated.

If you already cleanse your face twice a day, Bravo! keep it up. If not, make it your number one New Year’s Resolution!!! Come in and see us here at Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa for advice on a great cleanser. (Is there a difference in our cleansers and those purchased in a drug store? don’t even get me started.)

Love your look!

Your Aesthetician,

Carol Myers


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