Lips- to fill or not to fill - that is the question

At Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa our patients ask us about lip fillers all the time. Questions like will it hurt?, how long does it last?, is there any downtime?, and can you make my lips fuller without them looking unnatural???

Obviously, there are many different lip shapes and sizes. The most pleasing shape for you takes into account many different factors including the shape of your face, your other features and their size as well as the natural shape of your lip, also whether any deflation of the lip has already occurred.  If your lips have thinned or are thinner it may take a bit of transitioning to get you there. Whether you are choosing to enhance your natural shape or restore the shape that you had in the past, lips must be approached carefully and with great care to obtain the most attractive results.

Here are some tips for that may answer your questions to achieve beautiful lips:


Take the time to formulate your questions prior to the appointment and discuss both your goals and your concerns. Our practice prides itself on its conservative approach to both fillers and Botox injections. We want you to look like a better version of you! You can decide which areas of the lips you would like the focus to be. Whether you want to do both lips, just the bottom, or the middle of the top lip, you can plump wherever you are your injector decide will best complement the rest of your facial features.


We know our lips are sensitive! Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa uses a topical cream—which produces an overall decrease in sensation. However, the topical will most likely make the area swell a bit and be numb and the numbness usually lasts an hour or so. But the treatment may be more tolerable this way. Most patients prefer the topical numbing cream, but it is entirely up to you.


Dr. Bonness and both of our nurse injectors understand the aesthetics of attractive lip shapes and all the variations, and will share their knowledge of what will look great on your face. This is the art of medicine! Our providers have both the scientific knowledge to treat you safely and the eye of an artist. You may be delighted immediately or it might take more than one visit to get the perfect result. You can always add more volume and build to your ultimate goal. Be patient.


All lips will appear a little swollen starting from immediately after injections for up to five to seven days. It may take a full week or so for them to completely settle in. For those who are concerned about them looking overdone this may be a difficult period to go through, especially if it is their first treatment. Applying ice constantly to the area is not advised as sometimes this practice adds to the swelling. The best way to approach this time is to realize that it is very temporary, de-emphasize the lip with lighter lipstick, or discuss with your provider ways that can reduce the swelling if you feel it is excessive.


Bruising does not always happen, but you should always be prepared for the possibility. Never treat the lips within two weeks of a major event. If possible try to avoid aspirin and any NSAID pain medication for a week prior to treatment as these can increase your chance of bruising. Arnica taken prior to your treatment may be helpful.


Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa uses a hyaluronic acid based product. These fillers can be easily reversed by an enzyme to break the product down. They have the best safety record in millions of patients. After the initial treatment, you may need small adjustments.  This is normal and your provider will be able to adjust your treatment after the first three weeks. Typically, our patients are requested to schedule a three week follow up appointment for exactly this purpose. Even with the best technique sometimes product settles in a way that the outcome may not be flawless.


Filler lasts longer in areas that don’t move very much. You can expect to treat your lips about 2-3 times a year on average to maintain your results.  The current products on the market are lasting as long as 18 months in some cases.  The industry that makes the fillers recognize that longevity is important to the consumer and is bringing to market fillers that last longer and longer.  Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa always uses the most up to date product and is often the first in the area to provide it to our patients.


Lines around the lips can form whether you are a smoker or not. Whatever the cause, they are universally hated. These lines appear from a combination of factors, including general deflation of the lip and supporting skin around the lip as well as contraction of the muscle that forms a circle around the lip (this is the muscle that causes the pucker). Lip fillers can work to improve the lines by supporting the skin around the lip and plumping the lines. Careful use of tiny amounts of Botox can be injected around the lips to decrease the severity of the puckering, smooth out the lines and allow the filler to last longer.

I hope this helps you make a more informed decision when thinking about whether to treat yourself to more youthful lips or softening the lines around your mouth.  Our providers are here to give you the best outcome possible based on your goals. Schedule a consultation with one of our injectors to discuss the possibility of lip fillers - fillers to “kiss” those pesky wrinkles away or lift the jowls!

As always, shoot me and email at or call me 262.782.7021 if you have any questions, and remember, love you look!

Your Aesthetician,

Carol Myers

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