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A recent FDA study, which you may have seen in the news, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, found that chemicals in sunscreen were absorbed into the bloodstream at levels potentially much higher than previously believed.  This may sound alarming, but really what are the ramifications for you?

It is important to put the information into context.  First, please do not stop applying your sunscreen.

We have known that the chemicals in sunscreen can be absorbed through the skin. However, this particular study showed that these chemicals stayed in the subject’s blood for about a week after they stopped applying sunscreen and that the concentrations continued to rise over the course of the study.

Dermatologist and spokesman for the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. David Leffell, echoed the FDA’s recommendation in that sunscreen use should continue, telling CNN Health.

"Studies need to be performed to evaluate this finding and determine whether there are true medical implications to absorption of certain ingredients. [In the meantime, people should] continue to be aggressive about sun protection."

More real-life data needed

It was a very small-scale laboratory study that simply shows the need for more research, said Dr. Raman Madan, a dermatologist with Northwell Health's Huntington Hospital in Huntington, N.Y. 

"While this is a starting point, the relevance of this result is unknown," Madan said. "There needs to be further studies done to show what this really means. While it could have real-world consequences, it could very well mean nothing."

"While the levels far exceed the FDA-set threshold which require topical medications to undergo safety studies," said Dr. Kanade Shinkai, a dermatologist with the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. "The study also differs from real life in that people applied the sunscreen while hanging about a lab," he continued. 

"They weren't doing the things people typically do when they use sunscreen, such as swimming or working in the yard," Shinkai said. "Because of this, their exposure might differ from that of everyday people."

To say the least, the jury is still out as to what this means with regard to your well-being. If you are concerned about the impact of chemical sunscreens on health, allow us to offer you an alternative in the form of a "physical only" sunscreen. Bonness Cosmetic Surgery and Spa offers several options to protect your skin that do not include the chemical component yet continue to provide you the protection you need. 

Give us a call @ 262-782-7021 to schedule a complimentary consultation and we can help you choose a sunscreen you are comfortable using. Remember, your skin, your like, love it. 

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