Eating your way to healthier skin

I love ALL of my skin care products. If I were pressed to pick a favorite, I don’t think I could do it. Maybe top four: growth factors, Vitamin C (antioxidants), Vitamin A (retinols), and sunscreen. Certainly, no less than four. I know I am being dramatic, but I do not think I could live without my skin care! But, of course, that’s not true. I would live, but I would know that my skin would not look its best without my physician grade skincare.

Equally, I do not believe my skin would look the way it does without a balanced diet. We all know we should eat a nutritious diet to help prevent disease and live a long vital life. However, more and more, science points to the fact that a wholesome diet results in younger and healthier looking skin. According to an article written by the National Center for Biology, a strong correlation exists between how proper nutrition can affect acne, the appearance of skin aging, and even the formation of skin cancer.

In order to have great looking skin and prevent possible skin disease, what should we eat? After doing a little research, there are seven core foods that were touted as desired choices for better health and skin. We all probably know this list; avocados, cucumbers, chocolate, matcha, almonds, seaweed (where do you buy edible seaweed?) and berries. Similar to high quality skin products, the common theme is antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. An appropriate amount of sleep and exercise is also a must!

I should also mention there are a few items to avoid; alcohol (boo hoo), caffeine, dairy, fried food, meat, and it seems, all things processed. UGH!!  

I will always recommend proper skin care to my patients, but I would be remiss not to suggest a healthy diet and lifestyle as well. As we progress through this thing called life, we can look great by eating well, getting proper rest and exercise, and of course, using medical grade skin care!


Your aesthetician,

Carol Myers

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